The Power of Learning Through Lego

Legos are some of the most popular toys for children. Used for many years, Legos provide endless entertainment for kids. Most importantly, they are highly beneficial learning tools for children. So other than entertaining, they also educate. The simplicity and low costs of Legos has made them popular worldwide. In this article we look at the educational benefits your kid will enjoy when you buy Lego set for him or her. These benefits will not only last through the childhood but also as an adult later on in life.
Mathematics and science
Most fields in life are based on mathematics and science. It is therefore crucial for your kids to have a grasp of the two subjects from an early age. The best way to do this is through toys which will make learning fun and lower chances of forgetting. When you buy Lego you are basically setting your kid on a path of success on mathematics and sciences. As a child reasons out how to arrange the bricks, where to put them and how to create different patterns, the mind is being developed and sharpened. When they fall, the child learns that gravity makes things fall downwards. As he or she builds bridges and creates support structures, crucial mathematics and engineering skills are being developed. Lego Bricks are also ideal for learning simple mathematical functions such as addition, division and subtraction.
Development of motor skills
Building a tall building or a Lego bridge requires the child to make a lot of movements. These motions help to build and strengthen muscles while at the same time improving the coordination of several parts of the body. In particular, eye-hand coordination, which is very important, is enhanced.
Problem solving skills
When you buy Lego, look for those that come with step by step instructions for children. As the kids follow those instructions they learn how to solve problems. Soon, they even start creating structures without following any set of instructions. If she encounters difficulty at a certain point give her a few minutes to try and solve it before offering any help. If she solves the problem, she will become confident. All these skills continually develop her cognitive thinking ability and they can also help to succeed in other subjects at school.
Creativity and innovation
Children are born with so much creativity. In most cases however, parents do not nurture it and it is quickly stifled. Thus we raise book-smart kids only who cannot think outside the box in order to come up with a solution. A Lego challenge develops and enhances creativity and innovation in kids. These are two skills they are going to need a lot in their later life.
Combine with other toys
To make sure your child is all round, combine Legos with other types of toys. Good examples include RC helicopters from an RC Hobby shop, Peppa Pig, Mr Potato Head, Smart Trike and many others. With all these different toys, different skills are imparted upon your child.

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