What Should You Do When Facing Drug Charges?


If you are faced with drug charges, you are in danger of receiving severe consequences and worse, an extensive prison sentence. The best thing that you can do for such case is finding a good criminal defence attorney who can help you get an easy way out. Drug lawyers may negotiate on your behalf and get you a lighter sentence way ahead of any charges that may be brought up against you.

Although this is a summary offence, the repercussions may include having a criminal record, a fine of about $2,200, or two-year incarceration. So if you are planning to work in the future or maybe even travel abroad, getting charged for drug possession may seem to be a big problem.

What then you must do when faced with drug charges? Here are some insights that may further elucidate this matter at hand.

Find Expert Advice

The drug lawyers Sydney law firms have are experts in managing cases involving drug possession and misuse. They will offer you a solution to your problem, and help you gain a greater chance for dismissal. Furthermore, they will provide you guidance to what you can do that may help with your case. This eventually will pay off once you get to leave as a free man or woman again.

Answer Charges

When you receive a subpoena or an invitation to appear in court, do what is asked. If, for instance, you are caught possessing a certain article such as an illicit drug or paraphernalia, never resist arrest. Not showing up in court and resisting detention will only worsen the situation. The presiding judge will only see you in a bad light, which might result in an unfavourably heavier sentence.

Never worry about court hearings. Drug lawyers will be there to advise you of a proper recourse when such things happen.

Ask for Treatment

When the prosecutor possesses incriminating evidence and your chances of winning are little to naught, then most drug lawyers in Sydney suggest that you seek rehabilitation and treatment. This advisable alternative is highly favoured by the judge since it shows that you are remorseful about your actions, and you are willing to take responsibility and care for yourself. It is not entirely a bad idea if medical management is placed in your sentence as an added requirement. Besides, who doesn’t want a lighter sentence after all?

Plead Guilty

If you think that the charges against you are insurmountable, then it is much safer if you plead guilty before the court. Drug lawyers say that doing so will show the judge that you are demonstrating compunction and accountability to your behaviour. Most likely, this will result in you avoiding conviction and imprisonment altogether. Under Section 10, the court may allow you to leave without any criminal conviction as stipulated in the law. For more information click Dan Hadley Adelaide

However, you can plead not guilty if you do not have exclusive possession of illicit drugs, and that you have no prior knowledge of owning such item. Furthermore, you have the right to be dismissed if the search police conducted is illegal. When the evidence is insufficient, you are assured of a successful court case. That is why it is important for you to have the best drug lawyers like those in Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers. Get expert help and advice for your legal needs now. See more at

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